Getting your property on the market


Canon Nikon samsung wide angle focus lens tripod flash filter capture vision views scene landscape FREE PHOTOGRAPHY

Getting the best angles to display your property’s features is key to engaging with prospective buyers prior to viewing.

Floor Plans


Floor plans help prospective buyers to visualise your property‘s space and layout  and assess if it matches their needs.


Energy performance rating efficiency running cost saving money LED lighting England Wales EPC rating

This is a legal requirement in England and Wales and must be available so your property can go on the market.

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Which solicitor to use?


We can't stress highly enough the importance of using a local firm. Over the years we have made very strong relationships with local firms because it is much easier to deal with people you know and talk to on a regular basis. There is also a time factor of getting papers hand delivered sometimes. We often offer to get paperwork delivered by hand. We have known sales to drag out for weeks because of missing post. 

More than one

We have multiple firms that we direct clients to. We  always recommend 3 firms to give quotes. We put you in touch directly with them and then it is your choice. We would like to point out that we DO NOT receive a referral fee for recommending these services.

Got your own

If you would prefer to stick with your own choice of solicitor than that is fine. We won't ever say that you have to use ours to buy or sell via Simmonds & Co.

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Which lender?

Free advice

We work with local brokers that have helped many clients over the years. 

Why a broker?

Let them do the leg work. That's what they do everyday. Use the time saved sitting in banks to find your dream home.  

Be ready

We always recommend you speak to someone at the early stages of your search. They will advise you on all your moving costs, stamp duty fees  and deposits. They will get you ready for when that time comes to offer. Don't get caught out because your finances aren't ready.  

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Making your dream come true

A Personal Touch

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Moji Salehi is a Sussex based interior designer, artist and business coach. Her interior design portfolio includes projects such as freelance styling commissions for Hamsey Manor, country houses and editorial styling work.  

From Concept to Completion

Interior design home improvement furniture lighting soft furnishings refurbishment renovation

Moji Interiors provides fully coordinated and integrated interior design solution from concept through to completion. Our service is specially tailored to suit both smaller and larger projects to meet clients requirements and budget.

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